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Positions available in the following subjects: Math, Chemistry, ESL, Geography, Physics (up to K12) English (Kindergarten,TOEIC,SAT,AP,IELTS,TOEFL,Business English,GRE,GMAT,) & IT.
Applications from retired teachers are welcome.
New programs start every Monday.
Skylearn school online is currently looking for part-time or full time, English, Math, Chemistry, ESL, Geography, Physics & IT online Video Teachers to teach students worldwide. Living in US or any English language country is not a must you can work from where ever you are and continue with us even when you move to any other part of the world teach your students and get paid. You will have training on how to use the system and teach online (no travel necessary).

Qualification requirements

Native English speaker

University or college graduates/degree holder


certificate (preferred)

Good communication skills

Reliable, Punctual, Energetic, Creative, Positive

and Friendly

Excellent American &

Intonation (preferred)

Proficient in the use of Skylearn platform & Skype

System requirements

Pentium, 1GHZ or faster computer.

Windows7, Vista, Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, 512mb or more RAM.
Mac 05 X 10.4.
Internet Explorer.
High speed Internet connection (DSL, Cable or Fiberoptic Internet

connection, recommended minimum of 512kps upload and 2

Mps download – check with your ISP. NO WIRELESS CONNECTIONS)
Headphone/Microphone Headset (USB preferred)
High Quality Webcam (Creative or Logitech are recommended)

Working conditions:

Work directly from your own home.

Work Part- time, full- time or flexi

Peak teaching times: 02.00am-16.30pm Monday to Friday and 05.00am – 17.00pm Saturdays and Sundays

Class duration: 30 , 60, 90,120,180 and 360 minutes(with a 5 minutes break time on every 30 minutes of teaching)

Teaching materials provided online.

Internet web lesson room software provided.

You will be given online training and workshops before starting.

Students range from Kindergarten students to adults.

You must have access to a PayPal account.

Pay by PayPal at the end of every month. We pay by teaching hour and there are no regulations for deductions from payments. (Every 60 minutes)

Class groupings comprise of students with similar levels of English ability.

Salary scales will reflect the Country you are living in/working from, the cost of living and the economy (up to 35.00USD)

Full time positions :

PAY - per 60 minutes.

HOURS - Five days a week 8 hours a day. Full time teachers can do split shifts by teaching in the morning and evening

HOLIDAYS - Five paid holidays a year. (New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and one flex day)

Part time positions :

PAY per 60 minutes.

HOURS - Five days a week, five hours a day.

HOLIDAYS - No paid holidays.

What you teach what you get
program :

PAY - per 60 minutes.

HOURS - Full filling your schedule from 9.00am to 5.00pm

HOLIDAYS - No paid holidays.


Teachers will do five hours of unpaid training with Skylearn which covers all aspects of the job.
Once the initial training has been completed, a teacher will be given three practice classes with a group of students receiving 30 or 45 minute lessons for each class.
Once all training has been completed, you are entered into the live teacher's database and will start receiving students.

If you are interested it is a must that you send us your cover letter, resume and digital photo in jpeg format including a video talking about yourself and what you can do for Skylearn (not more than 3 minutes) with your contact information please submit this form:

After receiving your inquiry, we will respond to you within five business days. Please, no phone calls

It is skylearn policy to provide equal employment and
educational opportunities to all regardless of race, colour, creed, ancestry
sex, disability, religious, age or political affiliation.

Join the discussion! Enter a live student conversation room to practice speaking English with other students.

1.9.2018 - 07:00 o'clock

TOPIC-1st:Curso de Inglés - Lesson 1 Part 1. INTRODUCTION Temas de esta lección Lectura y análisis En esta unidad el tema consiste en presentarse, es decir, darnos a conocer diciendo nuestro nombre, de dónde somos y a qué nos dedicamos. Cómo presentarse ante otras personas Es un tema fundamental a la hora de aprender cualquier idioma. Es necesario saber presentarse y poder comprender lo que las otras personas nos dicen cuando nos ven por primera vez. Realizar preguntas y responder Aquí daremos los primeros pasos en el manejo del idioma. Cómo se realizan las preguntas en su forma más básica y cómo responder a las mismas. Profesiones Aprenderás cómo se dicen en inglés las profesiones más comunes. Los números En esta primera etapa conoceremos los números del 1 al 20. Los colores Verás cómo se dicen los colores en inglés, algo fundamental para poder describir e identificar las cosas que nos rodean. La oración Introducción a la composición de la oración básica en inglés y sus componentes. El sujeto Veremos cuáles son los pronombres personales que funcionan como sujeto de la oración. El verbo El uso correcto de los verbos es muy importante. Por suerte, en inglés es bastante fácil de aprender. Los artículos Aprenderás a identificar y utilizar los artículos indefinidos y definidos. Exercises Practica lo aprendido con esta serie de ejercicios interactivos de autoevaluación.

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